Here are Some Jump Pictures.

Lew has had 24 hours of freefall with 2000 jumps.Lew Jacobs Jumping

Click on my jumps to see them in more detail; They are quite big so they may take some time to load!

  • 36 Jewel, 1989. With the United States Army Golden Knights Championship Team. Zephyr Hills, Florida
  • 90 Way, The worlds first 90 person formation, 1984. Florida
  • 144 Person Formation World Record, The worlds largest Diamond Formation completed for 8.8 seconds. Quincy, Illinois 8/8/88
  • Lew Jacobs premiered in The George Michael Sports Machine, an NBC production, as he did the first ever 144 person formation.
  • Practice for the World Record Night jump in sequence.
  • The World Record Night Jump.
  • The 1984 Olympics At Harvard University Stadium
  • Lew has had 24 hours of freefall and 2000 jumps


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